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Four J's Initiative

Our goal is to continue serving our communities.

Four J's Transportation Inc. is a licensed Non-Emergency Transportation provider serving the State of New York by supplying a method of transport to those who need it most for 21 years and counting. The company was established back in 1998 to facilitate transportation to patients in Westchester County who may have had health conditions or ailments who were not in immediate danger but were burdened by transportation difficulties.


   Currently, the Non Emergency Medical Transportation industry is undergoing a process of change as the government and healthcare sector players aim to reduce healthcare costs due to increased cases of underlying health conditions that require regular appointments by doctors across the United States. Due to lack of transportation for the aged and people of unsound mind. There is also a high increase of underlying conditions such as diabetes, stroke among others. Hence, the necessity to offer cheap and reliable transport solutions that transform and care for the social welfare of communities across New York State.


   Four J's Transportation is strategically located to provide viable solutions for reliable transportation to communities in New York State. The company strengths come from its business objectives and core values that include Reliability, Loyalty, and Responsibility. From its brand name built for the last two decades, the company can provide reliable transportation solutions to thousands of people in New York saving huge healthcare costs and improving the social welfare of the communities. Some of the Medicaid resources that qualify as Non-Emergency Medical Transportation include lack of authorized driver licenses, patients facing physical, cognitive, and mental conditions. In most cases, patients with such conditions are unable to travel to access essential medical aids or even have knowledge of available transportation resources that they may be entitled to. 


The HOW?

Through partnership with healthcare facilities and insurance companies, Four J's Transportation will implement its community initiative marketing campaign to strengthen  access to care. Part of the reason that people fail to appear for clinical appointments is poor customer service or lack of follow up with the healthcare facilities. A solution can be developed with transportation agencies and healthcare facilities in arrangement of appointment through day effective communication, sharing of the clinical or appointment schedules or through client to provider daily communication, all of which our staff has excelled in for decades. Four J's Transportation among other agencies can, therefore, develop clientele relationships that will help ensure appointments are met. Secondly, high healthcare costs through payment of high insurance premiums make it expensive for patients. Many insurance companies do not cover transportation costs resulting in high no show & cancellation of doctor appointments.


Four J's will develop a business model of efficiency where patients are more than likely not to have an upfront fee and we will work directly with your insurance firms as your Transportation agency to recover the cost of transport instead of from the patient. Through this model, clinical appointments failure will be reduced which reduces the healthcare cost burden and gives promise to allocate funding to build on a healthy generation.  Four J's Transportation must be mission-oriented in providing social transportation solutions economically and empirically efficient to the healthcare sector. 


Our objective is to make an impact in our communities and bring awareness to the necessity of easy access transportation solutions as compared to revenue-generating firms where profit is the sole objective of concern. Hence, Four J's Transportation will be fully focused on providing innovative and needed solutions in the transportation of patients for their appointments, reducing healthcare costs in New York State through automate route efficiency and dispatching to make sure clients arrive at destinations efficiently and economically. As stated our desired outcome of this community based initiative and the partnering of healthcare facilities within New York will be to bring an emphasis of awareness to the potential resources of Non Emergency Medical Transportation that some may not be aware of. Then provide that resource to the community and show how reliable and convenient non-emergency transportation is to patients, not in emergency conditions but still, have challenges with transportation: either they cannot travel or do not have adequate resources of transportation to i.e. clinical and dialysis appointments. 


This is not a new project or initiative by any means but a necessary one nonetheless. The impact on health care access by various transportation barriers have been identified all over our nation ranging from lack of transportation options, distance to travel, and health disorders that lead to inability to obtain a license. Throughout Fours J’s 20+ years of services we have witnessed the effects that our services have in real time by just providing the ability for our clients to get to their destination. That in itself holds implications that multiply greater than any of our empirical data can track hence why we have set on this mission. To provide quality and cost-effective transportation for essential non-emergency operations & services for our communities. Four J’s will embody its core values through being culturally responsible in its operations & services by identifying, focusing attention, and showing the positive impact in reducing and preventing costly healthcare through utilizing essential transport services for non-emergency services to our healthcare communities.


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