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Dialysis Transportation

We'll get you there on-time, every time.

  1. Please follow the instructions outlined below to schedule a trip/ride.

  2. Please allow at least 72 business hours prior to your appointment time.


To provide quality transportation we must first have you verify your Medicaid Information 

Let us make sure you are on time to each & every appointment

Non Emergency - Ambulatory Transportation (Transit,Van,Sedan)

To provide quality transportation we must first have you verify your Medicaid Information.

If you reside in:

Westchester County: Please call -1-866-883-7865 or Fax- 1-315-299-2786


Putnam CountyPlease call - 1-866-244-8995 or Fax- 1-315-299-2786

Please have all Medicaid Enrollee Information ready for swift booking.


What you will need, when ordering through any option:

*Enrollee’s Medicaid Number-


*Enrollee’s Name-


*Enrollee’s Birth date-


*Enrollee’s Address-


*A contact number for the enrollee-


*Medical reason for transportation-


*Level of transportation required-


*Name of ordering physician and name of physician that will be seen-


*Date and time of the appointment-


*Location of the medical appointment – please specify street address, including suite or department location. -


*State Four J's Transportation as preferred transportation provider-


*Any other special instructions needed for the trip-

Questions? Give us a call and will guide you through the process or just leave your information with us here and we will get back to in a timely manner

  Serviced Counties 

 Four J's Transportation Inc. has served the great State of New York as a Non Emergency Transportation Provider for more than 21 years. Four J's  serves the needs of residents in multiple counties of New York and its surrounding area. Since 1998, our company has been committed to being the best at what we do. See counties currently operated below.

Westchester County 
Putnam County 
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