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Four J's transportation Inc. is a Veteran-owned and operated Company that has served the great State of New York as a Non Emergency Transportation Provider for more than 21 years. Through the longevity of service to the great State of New York, Four J's has built lifelong relationships with their clientele and partner healthcare homes in various counties such as WestChester, Dutchess, and Putnam county.

The company was founded in 1998 by James Herring. As a Veteran of the United States Army, James served our beloved nation through way of the 1970 Draft and had the distinct honor to defend his country through a tour in Vietnam. After the war concluded and his obligation to his nation was completed, James returned home and began working as a Business Analyst for the at that time General Foods Company which would later be acquired by Phillip Morris. James worked in the company's IT Department where he would eventually retire in 2007 after over 35 years. During this same time, James would work evenings so during the day while his 3 children were in school, he started a second career of entrepreneurship with his first transportation company Port Chester Transportation Inc. as a driver and lead to more than 27 years of experience creating, owning, and managing growth of organizations of all sizes. The combination of James's experience of consistent work ethic, unwavering sense of obligation to his work as an employee/employer, and  the service to his nation resulted in the development of his company culture. The identifying of that culture can be found easily through the company's core values expressed through its everyday operations.

 Currently James as CEO of Four J’s Transportation Inc. works full-time, overseeing the company's social impact initiative campaign. Modernizing and reshaping operations to fulfill all organizational client, partner, and serviced community's transportation needs all the while embodying the organization’s core values of Reliability,Loyalty, and Responsibility.

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