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Your Non Emergency Medical Transportation Service Provider

Transportation that is Reliable, Loyal, and Responsible 

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What We do

Four J's Transportation Inc. knows that "Transportation" in itself has a broad range of definitions, categories, and differents modes. Throughout these many meanings lay fundamental principles in which set modes of transportation apart from others. Four J's recognizes these principles through service attributes such as Reliability, Loyalty ,and Responsibility. These attributes are embodied and put on display to thousands of our clients in New York Counties including Westchester, Putnam, as well as the neighboring counties. We aim to facilitate transportation (Transit,Van,Sedan) for our clients/partners who are currently in non-emergency medical conditions. Our operations are tailored for timely clinical, rehabilitation, veteran, and dialysis appointments with the intent to reduce healthcare costs for our clients, partners, and most importantly our serviced communities.

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Our Services

Transportation options for those who need options the most.

NEMT Services
-New York Broker 
  • Standard-Non-emergency Transportation (Transit, Van, Livery Sedan)

  • Rides to Doctors, Rehabilitation , and Dialysis Appointments Etc.

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Independent Transportation

-Contact us today and get where you need to go.

  • Veteran Healthcare Facilities

  • Hospital

  • Nursing Facilities

  • Doctor Appointments

  • Dental Appointments

  • Clinics

  • Dialysis


Provide reliable transportation services for non-emergency operations in all serviced counties with a mission of reducing healthcare costs..


To serve as loyal members of all serviced communities and partners by working to break down transportation barriers/obstacles to clients most susceptible to them


To remain a social partner among communities of New York State reducing healthcare costs by overcoming health transportation barriers. 

Who is Non Emergency Medical Transportation for?

Non Emergency Medical Transportation Services are Transportation solutions for those who lack adequate Transportation resources or face social issues such as...
Identifying Beneficial Transportation Options
  • Lack of advertisement or communication of transportation solutions for those of vulnerable circumstances.

  • Shying away from public transportation options due to overgeneralized services for undeserved areas

  • Lack of known readily available and professional transportation alternatives

Transportation Framwork
  • Flexibility of routes (Fixed)

  • Over-crowded public  transportation

  • Transit design as well as polices

  •  License requirements   

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Health Conditions
  • Physical Disabilities

  • Diabetes 

  • Dialysis 

  • Cognitive Disabilities

Access to Transportation
  • Lack of vehicle due to potentially  maintenance/reliability

  • No Personal Vehicle

  • No access to relative-owned vehicle

Transportation Costs
  • Increases in Fares/Rates

  • High cost of ownership for a personal vehicle

  • Decreases in budgets for various public transportation programs

  • Distance from healthcare appointments and personal obligations i.e Travel Time.

  • Fixed time schedule of public transportation may further inconvenient patients if appointment exceeds normal travel distance 

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132 Pearl Street, Port Chester, NY 10573 

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